Thursday, 30 August 2012

What a Lovely Suprise

Happy Thursday

What a lovely surprise I received in the mail yesterday, my lovely friend Judy sent me this gorgeous card to celebrate my recent wedding

What a beautiful design, I am so lucky to have such talented friends, but what Judy does not know is how wonderful the prayer inside is, it is very special to me as it was chosen by my eldest son to read at the wedding, now I know Judy did not know this but it was such a lovely touch to such a lovely card.

Thank you so much my lovely talented friend across the pond. 

Ok now for some kitten tails:

This is my smashing dog Gandolf with his new friend Pickle, Pickle as you will know from the previous post was abandoned a couple of weeks ago, he is settled in and the photo was taken when they decided that solidarity against the vacuum cleaner was required.

Now the tail continues, on Monday this little chap who we have named Charlie, came to live with us, we think he is about four weeks old and is also settling in very well, Charlie came from a local rescue centre that I help out when I can, I have had lots of experience hand rearing kittens, so it was decided he would be best off in his new forever home, so poor little orphan Charlie is here to stay.

I am truly blessed with my lovely pets and a wonderful husband who just smiles when a new arrival turns up at the door,  and says "aah isn't he cute, what shall we call him?

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful creative day and some exciting news coming next week!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Thank You to Two Lovely Ladies and Kitten Tails

Happy Thursday, this post is a little overdue, but life as often happens life gets in the way, as I type this I have a four month old kitten trying his best to help by trying to take my glasses off of me because to him they are the best toy in the house!!!!!!!! I popped out to buy a lottery ticket last weekend and this little one was trying his best to get in the shop, on making some enquiries it seemed he had been there all day (and it was the hottest day of the year so far) and this was 5pm in the afternoon, so me being me dumped him in the car, left my card with the shop and bought him home, so far no one has been missing him and if he is not claimed soon it looks like he is here to stay, my lovely hubbie has named him Pickle!!!!

The real reason for this post is to say thank you to two lovely friends from across the pond who both sent me beautiful cards last week.

Firstly was this lovely card by Verna, who won the blog candy from my last post I apologise in advance for the poor photography!

As you may know, the candy up for grabs was a set of Spellbinders snowflake dies, and Verna who is just so talented has turned them into flowers, such a clever use of these dies. Verna also made the lovely DP with an ink and acetate technique as I said she is a very talented lady.

My second card is from the lovely Donna, I am so blessed with such talented crafty friends, Donna heard about me getting married at the end of July and made this lovely card for the occasion.

The picture I am afraid does not do it justice, and the little hearts were inside the card, what a lovely idea to make your own confetti to add to a card, from now on I will be saving all those little bits left over from die cuts for this purpose. The background paper does not show well in the photo, but it has a beautiful pearl sheen and a watermark effect.

Thank you to both my lovely friends for making me smile with your talent and kindness. I am truly blessed.

Thank you for stopping by, I will be sharing some exciting news in the next week or two, but mums the word until then!